Greg Peralta: Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a Fox comedy series based on the activities of the NYPD’s 99th precinct. It first aired on September 17th, 2013 and is currently in its fourth season. The series follows the detectives of the precinct as they attempt to go about their work. It is filmed with a single camera and is produced for Fox by Universal Television, Dr. Goor Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment.

The team highlighted in the series includes six detectives, their sergeant and the captain of the precinct. A civilian administrator named Gina is an additional character. The detectives include four younger members of the squad named Greg Peralta, Amy Santiago, Charles Boyle and Rosa Diaz. The two older detectives in the precinct are Michael Hitchcock and Norm Scully.

Many of the detectives are uninterested in their work and slightly incompetent with Rosa as the toughest and most serious of the group. Peralta and Amy are also a couple outside of the precinct as well as partners at work. The sergeant Terry Jeffords is a yogurt-loving dad of two who fears his dangerous job could cause him to leave his children fatherless. Gina spends more time concentrating on her outside interests than her job and Hitchcock and Scully are veterans of the force who have spent their years developing their coffee-making skills and little else.

The show is notable for its amusing situations and quick banter between characters. It has also received attention from fans due to a large number of names that have made guest appearances. These include people like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Rhea Perlman and Kyra Sedgwick as well as Damon Wayans, Jr., Maya Rudolph and many others. There are also plans to do a crossover episode where the crew from Brooklyn Nine-Nine meet up with the characters from another Fox hit, New Girl.

Each season contains at least 22 episodes and most are stand-alone comedy programs although there have been exceptions. The most surprising was an eight-episode arc that ended season three with a secret twist. Dan Goor and Michael Schur created the series and have been involved in numerous other comedy projects such as Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show and Parks and Recreation.